Annual Comprehensive Examinations

It is important to have a comprehensive physical exam done on your pet every year. During this appointment our Doctors are able to assess your pet and ensure that they are healthy from year to year. Our doctors’ procedures may include: eye exam, ear exam, rectal exam, dental exam, neurological evaluation, cardiovascular evaluation, weight & nutritional counselling, coat & skin evaluation, abdominal palpation, urogenital evaluation, musculoskeletal evaluation, and pulmonary/lung evaluation.

Once the physical has been completed, our doctors will discuss your pet’s lifestyle, environment and review any concerns you may have. Based on combined variables such as age, breed, weight fluctuation, and/or presenting concerns, our doctors may recommend running diagnostics to detect any internal changes unseen upon physical examination. They are then able to tailor a vaccine protocol specific to your pet and their needs.

Parasite control

Parasite control is an important aspect of your pet’s health. As well, your family may potentially be exposed to parasites from your pet by direct or indirect contact (a term called zoonotic spread). As a result a comprehensive parasite control program is essential to protect the health of your pet and your family. The Canadian Parasitology Expert Panel (CPEP) has compiled a guideline to parasite control and can be found by clicking on the link HERE.

By screening your pets annually for parasites through simple diagnostics, we are able to detect, treat, and eliminate potentially harmful parasites.

Annual Physical Health Questionnaire

Prior to your pet’s annual examination with the Veterinarian we ask that you complete a health questionnaire for your pet. This information is helpful for the Doctor to be made aware of any changes in your pet’s lifestyle including environmental, dietary, behavioural or symptomatic changes. 

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