Fear Free Veterinary Visits

Watzin Veterinary Clinic proudly follows a "Fear Free" approach to medicine and Veterinary care.  All of the doctors practicing at Watzin Veterinary Clinic are certified 'Fear Free' practitioners. It is very important to us that each individual patient is calm and relaxed during their visit with us. Not only does fear, stress, and anxiety have detrimental effects on the body, but it creates an unpleasant experience for everyone involved. The "Fear Free" approach starts BEFORE your pet arrives at our clinic.

We are here to support you by providing a few tips and tricks on how to keep your pet as calm and happy as possible on the way to and from the clinic and throughout their visit. When medically appropriate, please do not feed your pet for 8-12 hours before appointments. This improves food motivation during the appointment and also decreases car sickness. Many pets can benefit from the use of calming medication given prior to the appointment which may be recommended by the Doctor. This helps to ease the travel experience and greatly reduce fear and stress that your pet may experience during their visit.

For cats arriving in carriers:

  • Bring out the carrier 2 days prior to your appointment and leave it open in your house.
  • Use a pheromone spray (Feliway), treats, and toys around the carrier so they learn to comfortably approach it.
  • Pad the carrier with comfortable and familiar blankets.
  • Securely hold the carrier from the bottom (not the handles) to reduce motion and cover the carrier with a blanket.
  • Make sure the carrier is level and motionless in the car. The best place is in the back seat on the floor.
  • Play soft classical music in the car and make sure the car temperature is appropriate
  • Upon entering the clinic please enjoy the FELINES ONLY section to the RIGHT when you enter, reserved exclusively for our feline patients. The carrier cubbies are available  to place your cat's carrier in so that they are securely elevated off the floor. We also provide a selection of blankets to cover your cat's carrier while they wait. 

Fear Free Arrival for Dogs:

  • Thundershirt are available for complimentary rental with refundable deposit for our patients to wear during travel to the clinic and throughout their appointment. They can be picked up prior to your visit.
  • If your pet is overly excited or stressed in the reception area, please feel free to notify us ahead of time so we can escort them directly into an examination room upon arrival.
  • Upon entering the clinic please enjoy the CANINE ONLY section on the LEFT in reception.