At Home Euthanasia Services

The Veterinarians at Watzin Veterinary Clinic understand that our clients often face difficult decisions when it comes to their beloved pet. We are here to assist you through the most important conversations surrounding the end of life care for your pet and to answer any questions with compassion regarding the entire process.

The term ‘euthanasia’, derived from the Greek language, means ‘good death’ and it is a privilege, performed by your Veterinarian who can provide this painless experience for your pet.

Our team knows that for some owners getting to the clinic can be a struggle, especially for pets that are anxious, suffering with mobility or health issues. Watzin Veterinary Clinic is honoured to provide At Home Euthanasia Services so that we can offer the most peaceful and comfortable end of life experience for your family, including your pet.

Surrounded by their family, in the comfort of their own home, perhaps in their favourite spot or peacefully in their bed you can ensure your pet receives the most dignified, private and serene farewell.

For all inquiries please call to speak with a Client Care Representative.

“The greatest gift we can give our pets is the relief of pain and suffering; and the greatest gift we can give the families that call us is the release of guilt”
-Dr. Dani McVety