Canine Neuter Surgery

Neutering your male pup is a wise choice if you do not intend on breeding him. Rest assured, it will not change his disposition, but instead has many advantages to offer. Unaltered males have a tendency to roam in hopes of finding a suitable (temporary!) partner. Neutering him reduces his penchant for roaming to find a mate, consequently reducing an unwanted litter of pups.

By having your dog neutered, it will greatly reduce the risks of potential health complications in years to come. Unaltered males have significant rates of prostate and testicular cancer which are two common diseases diagnosed in older male dogs. Upon completion of required vaccines, we will set up an appointment for this same-day procedure.

Your dog’s Surgical Neuter package includes:

  • Pre-surgical Examination
  • Laser Surgery
  • Pre-anesthetic blood panel
  • Catheter-IV fluid therapy
  • General anesthetic
  • Injections for pain relief
  • Hospitalization
  • Post-operative therapeutic laser
  • Complimentary nail trim  

Canine Neuter Package: $449.95
+ medication & applicable taxes

Oral pain medication will be prescribed and sent home for post-operative pain management for your pet. (Please note we are unable to quote for this cost as the dose is dependent on the weight at the time of the surgery).* Any post-operative revisit examinations relating to the surgery are at no additional cost in order to ensure any concerns are addressed and that your puppy is healing comfortably.