Feline Neuter

Neutering your cat is an important decision. By doing so, you help to address the growing concern of feline over-population in our community and the amount of felines being left in shelters. Furthermore it will reduce urine spraying, roaming behaviours, territorial aggression, as well as prevent testicular cancers.

It is recommended by the Veterinarians to have your kitten neutered at six months of age. Upon completion of required vaccines, we will set up an appointment for this same-day procedure.

Your kitten’s Surgical Neuter package includes:

  • Pre-surgical Examination
  • Laser Surgery
  • Pre-anesthetic blood panel
  • General anesthetic
  • Injections for pain relief
  • Hospitalization
  • Post-operative therapeutic laser
  • Complimentary nail trim  

Feline Neuter Package: $184.95
+ medication & applicable taxes

Oral pain medication will be prescribed and sent home for post-operative pain management for your kitten. (Please note we are unable to quote for this cost as the dose is dependent on his weight at the time of the surgery).* Any post-operative revisit examinations relating to the surgery are at no additional cost in order to ensure any concerns are addressed and that your kitten is healing well.