The difference between proactive vs. reactive Pet Care

It is our obligation to your pets to provide the best care we are able to. In understanding the importance of total annual health care, we are excited to introduce our Wellness Program – an easy way to cover everything your pet needs for annual health care – and more!

Our Wellness Program is offered to all of our Canine and Feline patients. These programs have been created to focus on 2 age brackets: adult and senior patients. We have seen the benefits of creating baseline health profiles so we may understand subtle changes in a pet’s functions over the years.

Blood, urine and fecal screening for common conditions are important to screen for annually. Examinations detect physical changes while diagnostic testing thoroughly assesses your pet’s organ systems.

So what does that mean to you? This preventative care is extremely important for us (as your pet’s medical care providers) to spot potential health issues before your pet shows symptoms, and to create a baseline of blood values while your pet is healthy. While it is still very important to have a comprehensive annual physical examination done every year and update vaccines required to keep your pet healthy and free of virus and diseases, we are now able to provide a full medical work-up to understand your pet inside and out – it’s the difference between being proactive versus reactive. We’re also including 3 free physical examinations (yes – in addition to the annual comprehensive examination!) should your pet require medical attention throughout the year!


Wellness Programs Include:

  • Annual Comprehensive Physical Examination
  • Annual Core Vaccinations
  • Organ Function Screening
  • Urine Screening
  • Fecal Screening
  • Heart Worm & Tick & Lyme Disease Screening (available for canines)

*3 free physical examinations*

All packages offer a savings of more than $250!

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